French Conservatives Protest Against IVF for Singles, Lesbians

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Tens of thousands of French conservatives took to the streets of Paris Sunday to protest a proposed bill that would allow single women and lesbian couples to access to fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization.

Currently such procedures are only offered to heterosexual couples.

The bill has already passed the lower house of parliament and will be voted on by the senate later this month.

If passed, the law would allow all women under 43 access to fertility treatments paid for by France’s health care system.

Protesters demonstrate against a reform bill that will widen access to medically assisted procreation to lesbian couples and single women, in Paris, France, Oct. 6, 2019.

It would also allow children conceived with a donated sperm to learn the identity of the father after they turn 18.

The bill does not address surrogate pregnancies, which are illegal in France.

Polls have found two-thirds of French voters support the bill.

The protests Sunday were reminiscent of demonstrations held when French lawmakers were considering legalizing gay marriage in 2013.


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